With more than 4.8 billion cellular phones in use throughout the world. Millions of these phones will become damaged physically or by moisture. For years in situations that arise from cell phone mishaps, cell phone users were forced to purchase replacements at full retail cost. Now there’s an affordable solution for people who need assistance in repairs as well as Data recovery and Cell Phone Technicians franchise system has the systematic recipe that will guide you to making money providing these services.




Cell Phone Technicians is able to provide the franchisees with business systems, methods, best practices, resources and programs already in place to provide immediate value to customers. Over the past 8 months, we’ve coordinated a high-performance team of experts focused on Franchise Partner success. We’re dedicated to selecting the best Franchise Partners who share our company vision of operating more than 50 Cell Phone Technicians retail locations by 2016.

The Cell Phone Technicians Franchise System offer entrepreneurs multiple opportunities to be a part of the growing industry. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur with vast experience or simply looking to be your own boss, Cell Phone Technicians has the right program to fit your lifestyle. Reach your personal goals by choosing from one of our individualized programs: Single-Unit owner, Multi-Unit owner, Partnership Programs, and/or Area Developer Programs. As a member of the Cell Phone Technicians family, you’ll have the opportunity to work with enthusiastic, experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in brand building, marketing, development and operations within the electronics repair industry. At Cell Phone Technicians, we feel that when you join our team, you are putting your faith in out ability to train you then back you up when needed. We support everything we teach in our training courses.







Training – You will begin at a live Cell Phone Technicians store in Richmond Virginia for 5 weeks and assisted with three weeks of in-store training at your brand new location. We prepare you to open your store by equipping you with the knowledge necessary to provide your customers with solutions.

Sales Training – With our sales training, repair shops will sell more profitable solutions and increase their win-ratio.

  1. CPT sales training programs are designed to help your sales team to think and feel like a customer.
  2. Learn how to sell based on how customers buy.
  3. Thoughtful sales strategy combined with effective sales tactics for each customer.
  4. Negotiation techniques and more.

Marketing – Cell Phone Technicians has a full-service marketing department to handle all of your advertising needs. We provide design/layout, media planning/buying, and web marketing so you can focus your time on running the business and, more importantly, selling.

In-house Ad Agency – Our in-house advertising supports our franchisees by creating in all forms of media as well as managing carrier co-op programs and manufacturer market development programs.

Store Planning & Build Out – Our build-out team will assist you with all the arrangements from permits and installation to store deliveries and setup.

Field Support – Our field team will assist you with ongoing operational support and function as your local business consultant. We have experienced support staff to regularly visit stores to review performance and advertising strategies, discuss best practices, provide updates on technology, and consult with our franchisees on ways to enhance their businesses.

Rest accured, our team of experienced Field Consultants work closely with you during the opening of your new store offering on-going assistance until your store is operationally sound.

Customer Service Support – Our customer service team is a resource for you. This department will field your calls to ensure your customer’s satisfaction with your store. You are not left alone to deal with tough questions thanks to the Product Support team. The objective of this department is to give stores solutions to product and order related questions. The Product Support team provides solutions based upon product that is unique, hard to find, or for custom applications.

HR Department – Our management is HR knowledgeable, to provider a swift and immediate understanding to complying with local employment requirements.

Product Management – Leveraging product knowledge, Product Managers are responsible for overall store cost/pricing strategies, negotiations with direct-to-store suppliers, product application cross referencing, technical product support and more.

Point of Sale System – Cell Phone Technicians has a customized Point-of-Sale system. Functionalities include ticket entry, inventory control, customer management, purchasing/receiving, reporting, and cash receipts. Support is offered 7 days a week, including evenings.

Real Estate & Store Design - Securing a location is a critical first step in the development of a store. The Real Estate team assists you in identifying options for the optimal site

Management Training – Take your Management Skills to the top with industry specific management training by Cell Phone Technicians

As a repair shop manager or operating owner, your success is measured not simply by your individual contribution, but by how well you get the work done with and through others. You will learn to adjust your management style, tackle new challenges and get results across all functional areas. For every new manager like you, this is a ’must-have’ in order to achieve team synergy and success.

During the Cell Phone Technicians Training, you’ll gain practical knowledge and skills that you can immediately apply to your role as a manager or operating owner. You’ll gain the skills and political savvy to become more effective at implementing strategy, addressing business challenges, decision making and networking.





Technical Training – Technical certification was designed to help students learn new skills and to develop mastery of those skills through application, reinforcement, and interaction with our instructional staff in a real live repair facility.


Level I Cell Phone Repair Course CDMA / GSM This course starts with a technical overview of current CDMA and GSM cellular technologies, understanding the basic practices of service providers, handset diagnostics, basic cell phone assembly and disassembly, cell phone parts and components identities, static electricity, proper removal and replacement of basic lcd screens, flex cables, digitizers, lens, antennas, housings, faceplates and most solder-less hardware components.

Level II Cell Phone Repair Course CDMA / GSM This cell phone repair course begins with customer service and  interaction, basic soldering techniques, software recovery, charging / data ports, headset jacks, vibrator, switches and removal and installation of most soldered parts. Introduction to customer interaction and sales.

Level III Cell Phone Repair Course CDMA / GSM Advanced soldering techniques, main board reworking and drop soldering, liquid damage recovery, software recovery, phone unlocking, circuit board reflowing and many other repairs related to damage from improper operation, equipment misuse or abuse.

Level IV iPhone / iPod / iPad & Tablet Repair Course Device specific repair handset diagnostics, advanced cell phone assembly and disassembly, cell phone parts and components identities, , proper removal and replacement of basic lcd screens, flex cables, digitizers, lens, antennas, housings, faceplates and soldered solder-less hardware components.




Step 1. Prequalify here
Step 2.  This is typically a one week process. During this time you will be working with a local Area Developer or a Cell Phone Technicians Corporate Franchise employee to receive a brief description of the opportunity, and understand the candidate profile Cell Phone Technicians is seeking.You will be asked to complete the Request for Consideration Form, and to confirm basic contact and qualification information. Prior to completion of the initial call and receiving the above mentioned items, When we receive your Request for Consideration form, we will contact you to schedule your next meeting phone call within 5 days to cover Program Review and get answers to the questions you may have regarding the information you received after the initial call.
Step 3.  Ask for and address general questions, discuss ownership benefits and advantages, share our mission statement, culture, and values. Summarize training, operations, marketing, and management. Review next steps and prepare you for receipt of the Franchise Disclosure Document
Step 4. Review key areas of the FDD. Answer your questions regarding the FDD and review key areas. Review funding options.
Step 5. Review franchisee conversations. Review preliminary approval of financing. Discuss with you the Face-to-Face/Discovery Day checklist. Prior to completing this call we will also set up a meeting Face-to-Face or at a Discovery Day event to reaffirm expectations and determine if you will be a good fit for our system within the next 2 weeks.
Step 6. During your Face-to-Face meeting or attending one of our Discovery Day events you can expect to:Tour local operations, meet with your local Area Developer, training, operations, marketing and real estate executives. Visit with the CEO and senior executives.
Step 7.  If the decision at the conclusion of Discovery Day is to extend a franchise offer to a candidate and all     other steps have been completed, Cell Phone Technicians approved candidates and sign their agreement(s) and pay their franchise fees at the conclusion of the Discovery Day.


This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise.  It is for informational purposes only.  An offer is made by prospectus only.The following states currently regulate the offer and sale of franchises:  California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.If you are a resident of, or wish to acquire a franchise to be operated in, one of these states, Cell Phone Technicians will not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your state.



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